Partnership for Community Action (PfCA) is a Social Enterprise owned by Jimmy Sellars. Their focus is on connecting community, business and leadership in an effort to build stronger, healthier, more equitable and sustainable practices. Through a number of community projects we work to amplify the voices that are typically excluded, introduce educational opportunities for all age groups and create programs that offer insight into leadership; which leads to opportunities for a shared understanding of our growing rural mountain culture. Some of our programs include Salida Soup, PfCA Community Grants Program, Bookmarks & Burritos, Ark Valley Equality Network, Inclusive Educator Outreach, Ark Valley Pride, PfCA Community Movies and our newest community support project Volunteer Chaffee.

PfCA can be found at 129 West Sackett Avenue.

You can reach Jimmy via email at or call 719.221.9893

The web address is